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5 Must-Have Online Videos Every Service-Based Business

Feb 16, 2022 | Content Marketing

5 Must-Have Online Videos Every Service-Based Business

In this podcast and blog post, I will be talking about 5 must-have online videos that every service-based business should have. 

If you are just starting out with your online videos or you have already started doing videos but don’t have these types, then you should look at prioritising and adding them to your video content catalogue. 

You can listen to the audio, watch the video, or continue reading below.

When just starting out, many businesses tend to create brand videos, telling their story etc. People don’t care about your story, especially if they’re looking for a service or want to do business. They want their questions answered and they want to know what to expect with the services you offer. 

Here are the 5 types of videos I will be discussing, which will help in converting more of your ideal clients:

Q & A Styled Videos 

The Q & A style video is a type of video to answer the most common questions. You can source these questions from what you are currently asked repetitively, as well as online spaces such as Facebook groups. 

In this previous episode,  I shared strategies on how to never run out of content ideas. Look at them and apply them to come up with questions. 

Answering these frequently asked questions will put you in a position of authority because your potential clients will view you as someone who knows what they are talking about. 

When you provide the answer to these questions, you will be helping them understand what is involved, why something is the way it is and basically getting them over that bridge to a place of understanding. 

A percentage of the people who view this video content will be DIYers, but there will also be a percentage who understand the tremendous level of work that goes into what you offer and would prefer to pay a professional to get it done. 

These are the people who will reach out to you to enquire how they can work with you. 

Industry Myth Busting

In this type of video, you correct the myths in your industry that people hold as true but are completely wrong. In every industry, there are things that float around that aren’t true, they are spread from person to person because no one has gone on to correct the misinformation. 

For example, there are people who tend to avoid certain services or are reluctant to work with some professionals because of misinformation they’ve heard about that service or profession. Let’s face it, no one wants to be hurt or taken advantage of, this is where you come in. 

You making a video, busting that myth, clarifying what the truth is will help your potential clients feel more relaxed and help them overcome that objection they had. 

What To Look For In A Service

This can apply across the board to any type of service, for example; what to look for when hiring in a particular field, what to look for when buying a particular service etc. 

In all industries, there will be varying levels of quality, service levels, customer service etc. 

So as the industry expert, you want to make people aware of what they should be looking out for, what they should be avoiding and what could be potential red flags. 

Talk about these points in a general sense, not in the way of a sales pitch for your own service. 

Show and explain what they should avoid and what they should expect. An example video could be ‘When Hiring A Landscaping Company, These are The Key Things To Look Out For’.
In the video, you could highlight some ways a company may do or explain something in which a potential customer should avoid. 

What To Expect

Doing a video that walks through the process of working on a project or delivering a service is a great way to give potential clients an idea of what they can expect when they use a service like yours.

Seeing this will open up their eyes to the activities involved and therefore help them be more prepared. It also helps them see the possibilities and give them more confidence to use your service as it will be less of a surprise with what they will be going through. 

Behind The Scenes | Case Studies 

These videos show how you go about your day to day activities, whether that’s working on a project or delivering a service. 

It’s not about you talking about you, it’s about you showing them the value you provide. 

This gives your audience an insight into your ethics, morals, showcases the high standards of your work and how much you care about what you produce for them. 

Case Studies are similar in that they show examples of projects you’ve worked on, what the problem was and how you solved it. 

You can get your clients to be part of these case studies by interviewing them then packaging it into a video. This video is super valuable as it shows their first-hand experience with you. 

It also shows undoubtedly that you are an expert in your field and what it is like working with you.

Altogether this will help people feel more comfortable when booking your service. 

Even if they don’t work with you, this type of video content will still be extremely valuable for them and at the same time build your authority in your industry.

If you need some extra help, check out some of my other resources here on my website and see some of the ways that I can help you with your online strategy.


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