Online Audit

Practical and actionable feedback for better online impact.

Online Audit

How good is your online presence?

Find out how effective your online presence is by getting an independent Online Audit.

My online audit is an external look at your website and primary social media profiles to identify opportunities to improve your strategy for attracting and converting leads organically.

What I’ll cover

I’ll be looking at a combination of the following:


  • Website user experience, messaging, and conversion effectiveness
  • Primary social media activity (up to 2 profiles)
  • Existing online content

What you get

☑️ Recorded video with feedback, tips, or recommendations
☑️ Written summary with with action points


➜ SPECIAL BONUS – Competitive Analysis (a high-level look at your online competitors’ activities)
➜ SPECIAL BONUS – 1 week of email support (for follow-up questions)

Final deliverable: You’ll receive a private online video (around 10-15 mins. long) and a written email summary within 2-3 business days.



 £100 or $125

To get started:

1. Request the service using the form below

2. Once your request is checked, a link will be sent to you to make payment

3. Once payment is received your audit will be completed and provided to you via email within 2-3 working days


Is this for you?

This is for service-based businesses or other online businesses that offer coaching, consulting or digital products, that want honest feedback on their online efforts in order to get better results.

This is for you IF…

  • You want to get actionable tips that’s relevant to you
  • You plan to make improvements to your online content and website
  • You want a second pair of eyes to spot things from a different perspective
  • You want to learn from someone who has lots of experience

This is NOT for you if…


  • You’re happy with how things are and don’t wish to changed anything
  • You’re looking for praise and can’t accept constructive criticism
  • You don’t yet have a website and at least one social media profile for your business 

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