Get Extra Help When You Need It With Service Credits

What are Service Credits?

These are for one-off jobs that you need outside of our package allowances, and are charged by the hour.

1 Credit = 1 hour

Credits need to be purchased in advance and are sold individually or in blocks at a reduced price.

1 Credit = £100 each
5 Credits = £90 each
10 Credits = £80 each
25 Credits = £70 each

Credits can be used specifically for website and marketing related activities such as:

• Website Updates
• Design Customisations
• Software Setup
• Content Updates
• Content Creation
• Image Editing
• Social Media Optimisations
• Research and Planning
• 1 to 1 Tutorials
• Technical Help
• Or, other related tasks

*Credits are valid for up to 12 months

How it works

1. Get in touch and tell us what you need done. We will tell you our availability, and give you an estimated number of credits (or exact number) for the job.

2. You can purchase the number of credits you need and book your job with us.

3. Once your job is complete we will let you know how many credits were used.

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After purchasing credits, we create an online log for you where you can track the number of credits you have available and see pending or completed tasks.

Jobs are booked based on our availability, however, we aim to complete most smaller tasks within 1 or 2 business days. We will always give a realistic turn around time before accepting a booking.

The minimum credit deduction is 1 credit at a time, regardless of how small the job is. We recommend that you only use your credits for larger tasks which are likely to take up an entire hour. If you have smaller tasks, the best approach is to group them together as 1 booking to maximise the available time.

If jobs turn out to be smaller than a full hour, we may add in additional tasks at our discretion to maximise the time to the nearest hour. These additional tasks may include website optimisations, extra security checks and audits, social media reviews and other online checks.

In the end, you’ll get a list of tasks completed and the number of credits used.

Before you book tasks with us, we can give you an estimated number of hours that we will charge for the tasks. If at any point you need more credits for a job, we will inform you beforehand so you can make a decision on how to proceed.

Get in touch to get started! We will assess what you need before you make a purchase.

*Credits are valid for up to 12 months from the date of purchase


Frequently asked questions

How do you calculate the use of service credits?

To keep things simple and straightforward for everyone, we strictly charge a minimum of 1 credit per task (1 hour), plus half a credit for additional 30-minute increments. We always allow some leeway for going over by up to 10 minutes, before we round up to the next 30 minutes.

Our intention is to give the maximum possible value to our clients, while at the same time keeping things manageable on our end.

If we do need to use additional credits, we make sure to deliver additional value to maximise the credit usage by performing additional tasks at our discretion. 

Additional tasks typically may include website housekeeping checks and optimisations such as, extra security scans and security audits, page speed checks, image optimisations, broken link checks, form tests, content reviews and anything else we know you’ll aways need done on your website.

We’ll always keep you posted on what we’ve done.

How do I know how many credits I'll need?

We have some examples of how many credits you typically need for some common tasks below. If you are not sure simply email us and ask us for an estimate. Any unused credits will be left on your account for future use.

  • New page or post creation, formatting & publishing (up to 1500 words with 5 images): 2 credits minimum
  • Image optimisation/editing – cropping, compressing, adding ALT Text etc. (up to 10 images) – 1 credit minimum
  • WordPress updates, backup, security scan & optimisation – 2 credits minimum


Can you just invoice me and I'll pay you after?

We’ve implemented a credit system because we find that it is a far more efficient way to charge for extra work. This is because it eliminates a lot of back and forth by having a clear pricing structure and instant online payment. 

As a result, we can spend more of our time delivering even more value to you.

If for some reason you cannot use an online payment system, please contact us to do a bank transfer to pay for credits in advance.