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WordPress Website Care

Keeping your most valuable online asset up to date and secure.

As you do your day to day business activities, it can be difficult to remember about things like updates, security and backups on your WordPress website.

After all, if things have been working fine so far, why worry?

Until of course… disaster strikes!

Either your site crashes, gets hacked, or you accidentally deleted months of work!

Yes it happens and it can result in lost time, lost revenue, and even damage to your brand and reputation.

The best way is to always be prepared and have a system in place for these eventualities.

Our care plans are designed to take the hassle and stress out of keeping your website up to date and secure, so that you can concentrate on what you do best… like running your business!

Have changes you want to make or content to publish? We’ve got you covered there too.

Get started with one of our monthly plans below.

Care Plans



Keeping your website running

✔︎ Managed Software Updates: WordPress, Themes & Plugins
✔︎ Basic Security Scans
✔︎ Weekly Off-Site Backups
✔︎ Backup Restoration
✔︎ Monthly Email Report
✔︎ No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime

Special Bonus:

✔︎ Access to premium plugins at no additional cost

✔︎ 2 Small Task Requests
(max 15 mins each – use for text or image changes or page edits)



For websites that need more

✔︎ Managed Software Updates: WordPress, Themes & Plugins

✔︎ 4 Small Task Requests
(max 15 mins each – use for text or image changes or page edits)

✔︎ Professional Security Monitoring
✔︎ Anti-Virus Firewall
✔︎ Weekly Off-Site Backups
✔︎ Backup Restoration
✔︎ Monthly Email Report
✔︎ No Hidden Fees, Cancel Anytime

Special Bonuses:

✔︎ 30 Minutes Consulting – can be used for questions, tech help, tutorials, strategy
✔︎ Access to premium plugins at no additional cost

✔︎ Basic clean-up for hacked sites



For regular content publishing

Get Everything in the previous plan plus we’ll create pages or blog posts with the content that you provide.

✔︎ Up to 4 New Pages or Posts Published

✔︎ Content Editing and Formatting
✔︎ Page Optimisations
(adding description for search, compressing images, image ALT text, call to action, etc.)
✔︎ Access Premium Stock Images For Your Content
*Up to 4 Dedicated Hours

Special Bonuses:

✔︎ Social Media Posts – we’ll create and schedule regular posts to share your website content (up to 2 platforms: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google My Business)
✔︎ Get all other bonuses

*Updates are always tested for compatibility! In the case of any issues or breakage, one hour of troubleshooting and repair is included per month. You can request a restore of a previous backup up to twice per month at no additional charge.

*Bonuses are for a limited time only and may be withdrawn at any time.

*Our complimentary, basic hacked site clean up is carried out using auto-cleaning via VirusDie. For more severe cases you may need to book an advanced clean up service at your cost. We can handle this for you or you can book directly with another service of your choice.


Frequently asked questions

Will you update all plugins?

We provide updates to a number of premium plugins that we supply such as those from Elegant Themes for example, at no extra cost using our own licenses. You will need to have a valid licence for any other premium plug-ins to receive updates.

We also test updates to your website for any issues due to potential plugin conflicts and manage the update process to help prevent down time.


How often will you update my plugins?

We generally do updates at least once a week. If there are security updates we roll those out more quickly. 

We sometimes hold off on some feature-based updates to make sure there are no major side effects before we apply them. If an update has a problem, we can roll back to a more stable version until the plugin developers fix any issues.


How are backups handled?

We take regular backups of all your site files and database and store them securely in our private cloud which is independent of your host.

If something was to go wrong such as deleting important files or somehow your site crashes or vanishes, if your hosting provider cannot restore from their backups we can help you restore from our previous backups. 

We keep backups for up to 30 days and you can also request a downloadable copy of a backup should you need it.


What's the security monitoring and anti-virus?

These are to help keep your site secure from malware, hacking and other security threats.

If your care plan includes this, we use professional security tools to block attacks and run automatic checks to highlight vulnerabilities.

We do basic security scans in all plans.


Can you guarantee that my site won't get hacked?

The simple answer is no… and no-one else can guarantee this.

This is because there are always new and ongoing security threats that can be unpredictable.

In the unfortunate event that your site gets hacked, we may either help you roll back to an older backup, or, depending on your plan, we can provide automatic malware scans and basic cleanup to rid your site of any infected files.

If your site requires more advanced cleanup, you can hire us to take care of the process for you starting at £299 for an advanced clean up with a 24-48hr turn around. Of course you can also decide to handle this by hiring an independent specialist on your own.

What are small task requests?

These are requests made by you to have something done on your website and have the following limitations: 

  • Each request must not take more than 15 mins (ask just to be sure)
  • They can only be used for content changes such as editing or adding some text, or making other on-page changes such as swapping out an image.
  • Tasks must be emailed to us and we aim for a turn-around of 2 business days, although mostly we can do same-day.

If you’ve exhausted your requests you can purchase Service Credits to be used for additional tasks. The minimum usage is 1 service credit (1 hour) per request.

What's not included?

Unless stated in your plan, the following are not included:


  • Any design, development or marketing services
  • Advanced hacked site or malware clean-up
  • Anything else not explicitly mentioned
What are bonuses?

We may sometimes include bonuses as an additional way to add even more value to our packages. They are not a core part of the packages and can change, but also based on demand, they could become a more permanent fixture.

If I am not on your care plan and my site gets hacked, can I still join?

Before we can take on your WordPress website we have to clean it up first. We will charge our full clean up fee (from £299) and once this done we get you setup and protected.

Need help deciding? Get in touch to discus your options