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Should I Write My Own Blog Posts Or Hire A Content Writer?

Jul 7, 2021 | Online Strategy

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In order to do effective online marketing, content creation is a crucial part of what we have to do. Having good quality content published online allows people to discover us and come into our world.

One of the ways you can create content is by wiring blog posts. These can get picked up by search engines when users search for answers online, or they allow you to educate your audience by having solid information you can reference or share.

In order to write good-quality blog posts, you need to spend time crafting the content. This includes coming up with the topic, writing an outline, carrying our research to gather correct information, writing rough drafts, and so on.

As you can see there is quite a bit involved and it can be daunting to do this yourself if you have now writing experience or simply don’t like to write.

So should you outsource your blog posts by hiring writers, or should you learn to do it yourself?

When to do your own blog post writing

If you are good with writing, enjoy the process and have the time to put into it, then there’s a good case for you to write your own blog posts. Once you have a system in place you can create high quality posts on your own and illuminate the back and forth you get when you work with external writers.

Some other benefits of writing your one posts is are that:

  • You get to craft the content in your own voice (other writers may not capture your brand voice well)
  • You save money by not hiring content writers 
  • You can get content out more quickly

When you should hire a content writer to write your blog posts

On the other hand, if writing is not your strong suit and you simply don’t have the time to dedicate hours to blog writing, you should probably hire out to a content writer.  

There are lots of freelance writers you can hire from all over the world at different rates. 

You’ll want to test them out first to see what the quality of their writing is like and whether or not they can capture your brand voice.

Either way, you may want to consider using what I call the “hybrid approach” where you hire out to get the bulk of the writing done for each post, and then you refine it internally in order to make it your own and improve on it.

Find a way to provide value and be consistent

Don’t forget that the aim is to provide value to your audience and as long as you do this, and keep publishing new posts or updates, you will create more opportunities to connect with them and attract more of your people.

If you haven’t yet started doing this, come up with a plan and start putting value out into the world—there are people waiting to consume it.

I hope this helps.

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