009 – Failed by social media | Why you must diversify your platforms

Aug 7, 2019 | Podcast

009 – Failed by social media | Why you must diversify your platforms

Future Steps Creative Podcast


Social media is a great tool for business, until we overly rely on it and it ends up failing us.

Far too many content creators build up a great following and traffic stream only from one social media source and have not captured leads to their mailing list or spread their content across multiple social media channels.

What then ends up happing is that the rug gets pulled out from under their feet and they suddenly loose traction. this is either due to changes in the policy of the platform that severely restricts the creator, or straight up bans where they get totally kicked off for whatever reason. 

The harsh reality is that social media platforms are own by someone else. This means they have the power and the right to make changes as they see fit without any real obligations to you – after all, you do use the platforms free of charge. The name of the game here is that they have to do what’s best for their business as they make their money through paid advertisement. Their obligations are to the paying customer, not you!

What’s the solution then?

Well as I mentioned before, you should be growing your own email list and community, outside of social media. You own those pieces of digital assets which then becomes super valuable over time. You can decide on your own terms (within reason of course) for communications and the way you engage with your subscriber list. You’ll be able to leverage this to your advantage as you can communicate directly through email, rather than go through a middle man (social media).

Listen to this episode to hear a story I shared about how social media stopped a successful coach in his tracks.



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