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031 – 7 reasons why I use WordPress and why you should too

Dec 1, 2020 | Podcast

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Here I share with you reasons why I use WordPress.

  • Its a free and open-source platform – you are not being locked into a system that is secretive as the code is available to anyone who wants to contribute to is development
  • It is popular – it s not an obscure system that is used by just a hand full. It has a very large user-base and it is, therefore, easy to get help and support with it
  • Supportive Community – because it is so popular you will always find someone who can help you and provide support if you run into challenges or problems.
  • Endless possibilities – lots of add-on software and developers to create what you want.
  • Easy to use – can manage and edit content quite easily inside a familiar word processor type environment
  • You host your website anywhere – You are not restricted to any one hosting company so you can choose the best hosting for your needs
  • Great for SEO – Out the box WordPress is SEO friendly and you can add even more SEO feature with a plugin.

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