039 – Using YouTube as a Discovery and Growth Strategy

May 7, 2021 | Content Marketing, Podcast

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Benefits of YouTube

  • At the core, Youtube is a powerful search engine
  • You are likely to find your audience – over 2 billion people use Youtube
  • You can build rapport, trust, and likeability more easily
  • You are more likely to get better traction with Youtube vs Google because of suggested videos
  • Youtube can help you rank in Google
  • It can be fun making the videos

Getting Started with YouTube

  • Setup your channel – you just need a Free google account and you will automatically have access to all free Google tools including youtube
  • You need a camera and possibly screen recording software.
  • Good lighting 
  • You NEED good audio – a decent microphone and an environment free from noise
  • You need to have a basic understanding of good video presentation – how to make it interesting and engaging
  • You need to practice. You will be bad before you can get good
  • Work out your best process – this will help create and publish videos more efficiently

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