Ep.25 – How to Create and Manage Secure Passwords

Mar 17, 2020 | Podcast

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Do you remember all your passwords?

Having multiple passwords for our online accounts can be a nightmare. Not only do we have to try and remember each password, but it can be inconsistent with the rules around length and type of characters used to set up the password.

Password security is a big issue anyone that use online services but especially for website owners, there is a lot at stake.

Password hacking is one of the most common ways websites get breached because oftentimes very simple weak passwords are used which makes it easy for hackers to “guess” the username and password and gan access to your website.

Make them complex

To get around this, the best thing to do is to use very complex passwords and a different password for each account. Of course with this strategy, you will not be able to remember these complicated passwords, and you shouldn’t be writing them down either just in case they get in the wrong hands.

To create and manage all my passwords I use an online tool called a Password Manager. It is a central database where you can store and manage all your password.

Listen to the podcast episode for more on that.



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