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How to do Personalised Double Opt-in Emails with Less Friction

Jan 19, 2024 | Online Strategy, Podcast

Future Steps Creative Podcast – Episode #84

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How to do Personalised Double Opt-in Emails with Less Friction This episode covers how you can do double opt-in your own way so that there is less friction when new people sign up for your email list. The typical automated double opt-in is restrictive and you end up with a lot of unconfirmed contacts. This method fixes this and allows you to personalise your own double opt-in email.

Main Takeaways/Overview

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00:00 Double opt-in ensures email list quality.

04:26 Filter for quality, engage with automation flow.

06:21 Introduction to email confirmation and automation process.

09:42 Implement powerful email sequence for engaged subscribers.


*This may have been autogenerated and may not be 100% accurate or grammatically correct.

Hi there, my friend. Welcome back to another episode of Future Steps Creative. My name is Marlon Macpherson. You can find me at marlonmcphersoncom. And today’s episode is going to be talking about doing a simulated double opt in for your email marketing sign up That is going to reduce the the friction for people to sign up while still confirming them on your email list. I know that’s probably a lot to take in if you’re new to this whole email marketing and double opt in versus single opt in things. But if you wanna learn About that aspect of it, I did a previous episode on single versus double opt in. And just to, Like, recap very quickly, a single opt in is where when people sign up for your email list on your landing page, they immediately join your email list.

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You don’t, Run them through any other kind of filter to get them confirmed. They go straight to your email list, and you can now start sending them emails. Now that is Very, very easy for them to do as a user, but it also poses a risk of you getting the wrong people on your list that Aren’t meant to be there and, a lot of different things can your email list is poor quality as a result, basically. So go and check out that over episode, and you’ll learn more about that. With double opt in, they have to go in and confirm their email their subscription, essentially, by Checking for an email that you send them right after they sign up. And unless they go in and find this email, click the link or the button that says, I can I confirmed that I wanna be on your list, then you cannot send them any further emails? Right? So, that puts Some kind of barrier in between, and it reduces the the number of people actually sign up. So what you might find is that you end up with a lot of people who haven’t Gone in and found that email for whatever reason. They could have legitimate reasons why they haven’t gone in and done it.

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Could be that they’ve, they’ve gotten distracted by something else. They had all good intention to do it, and they just didn’t bother to come or they just couldn’t come back and find it or didn’t remember. Other people just can’t be bothered. You don’t want those people on your list because they’re just They’re for tire kicking or they’re not really going to really be quality people on your list anyway. But you wanna give those other people who Legitimately missed that email and completely forgot. You wanna give them a 2nd chance. Right? And this has that benefit. So hear me out here because I know it it might sound a bit Controversial.

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But you can do this, and you’ll be handling a double opt in on your own. You won’t be relying on the email service providers Typical double opt in process where they just send a standard email, automatic email that says the same thing all the time. This is going to allow You to personalize your email is gonna allow you to do, it’s gonna allow you to still do the same thing, essentially, but, Allow you to have more control over that process. So, I just wanna give credit where credit is due. I learned this from Chris L. Davis It’s over at Automation Bridge. He calls it the single double. I learned about this, via his podcast and also, through a post on his website.

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So check him out if you are interested in that. He uses Creative campaign as The primary platform or is is his main platform. I use fluent CRM currently as my main thing, and I pulled it off. I was able to do the same strategy in, fluent CRM. Now it doesn’t really matter about the platform. What matters is that The tool that you’re using, the software, the email service provider, whatever you wanna call it, what matters is that the features that require you I’ll allow you to allow you to do the things that I’m gonna talk about is what you need to look for in your platform. And if you have those features, you’ll be able to do the same thing as well. Obviously, some platforms might not have these features, and therefore, you might be restricted and not might be able to might not be able to do it.

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So that’s what you need to look at. Right? So it doesn’t really matter if you’re not using fluent CRM or active campaign or whichever other platform. So, how this works, the flow is going to be like this. You’re going to basically, turn off double opt in inside your email marketing tool. So the software, normally, they have an option that you check to say, hey. Do you want to have people double opt in? That normally is set by default. Right? Because most of the platforms don’t want you to just have people join your email list. They don’t want you to do, single opt in.

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I want you to have that filter, that barrier in place because they want quality people to join your list so that you don’t get affected by poor deliverability because, you know, the higher quality people on your list, the more likely they’re going to, See your emails, open them, and actually interact with your emails, which then sends signals to, the gods that be that handle the email deliverability, like, Google is part of this. They filter What drops in the the Gmail inbox versus what goes into the promotion, or you might not even get your emails delivered if you’re on a poor, Quality connection. So they look at things like if people are replying, people are actually opening and interacting, clicking links, and so Right? So you wanna make sure you have the highest engaged people, highest quality engaged people on your list, and this is gonna help with that. So turning off double opt in Leaves you open now to not getting those quality people coming in. But don’t worry. This strategy is gonna allow You to handle that your own way. You’re still going to have double opt in, but you’re just going to take care of it. Right? So The way you’re going to do that is through automation, and the flow is this.

Marlon McPherson00:05:38 – 00:06:20

Someone signs up on your landing page. They fill in the form. They don’t get the double opt in email because that switched off in the software, but you’re going to have an email automation that sends A welcome email immediately to them, and I’m gonna talk in a context of them receiving a lead magnet. In my case, my I currently magnet is a, website checklist, a profitable website checklist that people can grab. And when people sign up, I have this implemented right now on marlon macpherson.com. They, get that welcome email that says, hey. Thank you for signing up. Here’s, I have the link below to the profitable website checklist.

Marlon McPherson00:06:21 – 00:07:34

And I give them a little bit of an introduction to what it is about and what they need to do. Say, look. Click the link below to confirm your email subscription and download the profitable website checklist or download whatever. So if they don’t click that link, they don’t get any other emails from me. So I haven’t that link is actually a special link inside My platform that I’ve that I track, and that link can also trigger additional automations, which is exactly what I’ve done. So if someone doesn’t click that link in that welcome email, they they don’t get my welcome email sequence, which is like a a set of emails that go out for over the next week or so to introduce them to my brand and to warm them up and, give them more value by providing more help, Then I can introduce them to my products and service or services that are relevant to what they signed up for in the 1st place. So, essentially, they have to click that link, and that acts as that double opt in trigger. And, it also gives them that download, that thing that they asked for in one go.

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So I’m not sending them The traditional double opt in email where they’d have to click that first, wait for another email to come for them to then get access to where whatever they ask for. This is all in one. Now once they click the link, that automation then triggers the sequence to go out and pretty much, that’s the end of that at the very basic level. Now you could take things to a another level. The next level is where you now You can set up automations to send out reminders if they haven’t clicked that link within a certain time. So in my case, I’ve set a branch, like a fork in the road type of thing, where if they click the link, then they go through and get my email sequence, my welcome sequence that basically brings them into my brand, onboards them essentially. If they don’t click the link, after 24 hours, The other branch will send them a reminder email to say, hey. We’ve sent you an email before to grab The the download, you haven’t gotten it.

Marlon McPherson00:08:38 – 00:09:27

Can you click this link to confirm your subscription and get what you asked for? If they don’t click that link in that second email, Nothing gets sent out after that. They then get another reminder after 24 hours again. So they get 2 reminders in my case. And if they still don’t click the link after the the second reminder, I then put them. I I tag them as unengaged and make sure I don’t send any emails to them. Now this is a big benefit to doing it this way because with the traditional double opt in, people don’t Actually, get you don’t get to send them additional emails. There’s no way to do that because they’re not actually subscribed on your list. So you’ll end up with tons of people that are pending, And you have no choice but to delete them after a while because if they haven’t gone in and clicked the link, that’s it.

Marlon McPherson00:09:27 – 00:09:42

They’re not gonna do it. If they haven’t done it within a few weeks, they’re not gonna do it again. Unlikely. Right? So, with this, you give them multiple opportunities. Someone might see the 1st reminder and say, ah, yes. I forgot to go in and do this. Let me do it now. Let me grab the thing now.

Marlon McPherson00:09:42 – 00:10:31

Right? Then that triggers my email sequence to go out. Can you see how powerful this is? Right? So what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna end up, with what you’re gonna get, I should say, is is more engaged Subscribers on your list because they’ve actually taken action, positive and affirmative action. This is something that is really important for you to have. They’re gonna interact, and that’s what you want. And like I said, you’re gonna be able to follow-up with those pending contacts. There are All the benefits as well, you’re gonna keep a cleaner list, etcetera, and you’re not gonna have, Spammy, sign ups to your email list. Just the same as if you had the traditional, double opt in switched on. So, Think about how you can implement this inside your own software.

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At some point, I’m going to do most likely do a video tutorial on how I’ve got it set up or how you can set it up in fluent CRM and possibly inside other platforms as well. But for now, You know, go with the information. You have the strategy. You see exactly. Hopefully, you can tell exactly how I’ve done it and just apply that to your own, software as well. That’s all I’ve got for you in this one. If you got any questions or comments, leave them below inside the YouTube video if you’re watching this on Future. If you’re listening to the podcast on the Audio podcast, you can reach me over on my website, marlonmacpherson.com.

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If you wanna grab that checklist that I mentioned, which is the profitable website checklist, I’ll go through Several things you need to have in place or do on your website to make it work for your business or your brand, head over to marlonmacpherson.com/profitablewebsite and grab that checklist or Marlon MacPherson .com/checklist, whichever one. It goes to the same place at the minute. Thanks for listening. Thanks for hanging out with and I hope you have a great day. Check out one of my other episodes, and I’ll speak to you in the next one.

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