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How To Get Started With Email Marketing

Jun 6, 2021 | Content Marketing, Online Strategy

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The ultimate goal of email marketing is to get as many subscribers as possible and so that we can convert them into sales at a later time. In order for you to do this you need to have the correct things in place.

Here I will give you an overview of the process behind setting up email marketing for your business, so you can get started easily.

Sign up for an email marketing service

The email marketing service will be the centre of the operation. My top recommendation is Mailerlite as you can get your first 1000 email list subscribers for free. They also have an easy to use interface and posts of flexibility with how you can manage your email list and how you can create and send emails.

Mailerlite’s pricing is also reasonable when compared to other popular email marketing services with similar feature

Create a pdf lead magnet

Although you don’t strictly need to have a lead magnet, it is a lot more compelling to have one to encourage more email signups. 

There are lots of freebies you can offer as a lead magnet. However a simple way to get started with one is to create a pdf that can be easily distributed.

Your pdf lead magnet can be in the form of a checklist, guide, worksheet or some sort of template. The key is that it should be valuable enough to your audience that they would want to sign up for it.

Put together a welcome email sequence

Once you get people on the email list, you need to send them their lead magnet automatically. 

This can be done in an automatic email setup in a “welcome” sequence, where one or more emails are sent to the subscriber. The link to the pdf should be included in the email so that it is easy for them to download.

Setup a landing page

When you setup Mailerlite β€” or whichever email marketing service provider you use β€” you will have the option to add your sign-up form to your existing website, or you may set up a page directly on Mailerlite.

For the best user experience and brand image, I would have the form on my own site.

With most if not all email marketing services, you can create the sign up form with the fields you need, but mostly you will want to have mail and email address fields. You would then be able to copy and paste the code to a website landing page.

On your landing page you could have information about your lead magnet and its benefits. This can help with conversions as users know why they are signing up.

Promote your lead magnet

After you set up all the other items mentioned, you need to promote the lead magnet by including it in other areas of your website and mention it in your online content.

This will encourage more people to sign-up to your email list.

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