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What Goes Into A Welcome Email For Email Marketing

Jun 7, 2021 | Content Marketing, Online Strategy

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While setting up your email marketing, you may be wondering what to actually say in your welcome email. It will be different for everyone as your brand, audience, and what you do will be different. 

However, I’ll take some time to cover some key things that you may want to include.

Deliver what you promised

First and foremost, you may want to thank your subscriber for signing up, but most importantly include the freebie access link (assuming that you offered one).

Make it clear to them that the link is thereby highlighting it because some people actually may not care too much about reading the rest of your email and want to get straight to the point. It happens from time to time where I get an email back from a subscriber, replying to the same email that has the link, asking me where to download their freebie.

Make the subject clear

Do not mislead the subscriber with your headline, but make it compelling for them to want to open the email.

Make it clear that this is their welcome email and what they want is inside. For example you could say something like, “Here’s the item you requested and welcome aboard”. This of course is just one way of putting it but keep it simple.

Another simple thing I do to make it stand out in their inbox, is to add a little emoji. Use this sparingly however.

Set expectations

One of the things you may want to do is mention what you have in store for them. Mentioning upcoming email content as well as email frequency will set the stage for a good relationship to come. It will also keep them on the lookout for your emails when you mention a teaser for them to look forward to. 

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