Why I Don’t Use Page-Builders On Blog Posts

Jun 28, 2021 | Content Marketing, Web Design, Website Strategy

Wordpress post creation

Page builders are great for those who wish to create nicely designed web pages, but do not want to, or know how to use code to do so.

They also make it easy to edit and update content on your pages which makes is convenient for clients if you are a website designer.

I use the divi pagebuilder on pretty much all my website pages and have also used them on blog posts in the past. But nowadays I prefer not to use it on blog posts. 

Here’s why.

Better performance

First of all, blog posts don’t need a lot of designing as the focus is on content —mainly text, images and videos.

Using the native WordPress editor keeps things minimal and therefore there is less to load on a page, which means faster loading speeds.

Easier to export

Although this may not happen very often, you may need to export the posts for use on another website that doesn’t use the same page builder.

If this is the case, when you import the post to the other website, the content will not display correctly. Instead you’ll see code used by the original page builder.

Your only option at that point is to use the same page builder or manually copy the content from one site to the other.

Take away

If you think that at any point in future you will be looking to export lots of blog posts for use on another site, or if you don’t need to have any sort of special design, then do not use page builder.

It will make your life easier simply use the default WordPress editor as it is more than capable for blog posts.

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