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5 Key Systems You Must Have For Your Service Business

Aug 22, 2023 | Online Strategy, Podcast

Future Steps Creative Podcast – Episode #78

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Every business needs processes and systems in place to run properly and make money. If you don’t have proper systems your business may end up getting out of control and running you instead.

This episode talks about the fundamental systems that every business needs in order to be successful.

Main Takeaways

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00:00:02 5 systems every business needs for success.
00:05:49 Start with organic strategies, analyze results, add paid promotions, convert traffic to leads, communicate with collected information, drive them towards sales.
00:09:55 Identify missing systems, work on strategy. Visit mylimatfresen.com for help.
00:10:59 Continue watching videos, learn from other content.


*This may have been autogenerated and may not be 100% accurate or grammatically correct.

Speaker A [00:00:02]:

Hello, and welcome back to another episode of Future Steps Creative. In this episode, I’m gonna be covering the 5 key systems that every business needs to have in place in order for the business to run efficiently, and provide a good experience for the customer journey. Now, a lot of people start their businesses and haven’t really put all these systems in place or they don’t have processes around these systems. And as a result, they run into issues, they run into problems, and they don’t see the success actually fill in look at where we need to fill in gaps and, dial things in and just improve and just improve what we have going on. Now that’s my goal for you after listening to this episode today that you’ll, do a self assessment and see what you’re missing and actually start working on those, key things. Now this is going to be, coming from the perspective of a service business or someone that has like an online program, digital product, that sort of thing. However, this applies to any kind of business anyway because these Systems are universal, whether it’s a large company, a big multinational, or a very small business, a 1 man band type of thing, all these systems are critical. And, you need to actually start thinking about them if you’re looking to start a business or if you’ve started already.

Speaker A [00:01:31]:

Now, I’m going to reference, Mike McAowicz, who is essentially an online entrepreneur. And he actually wrote a book called clockwork. And what I’m gonna share with you, these 5 systems are based on the found that foundation, essentially, as well as teachings from other people that I’ve picked up along the way, and I’ve settled on 5 systems, even on Mike McAowicz came up with for which I’ll explain to you, coming up. Hey, my name is Marlon, and I do content like this to help you build and grow your online business around your knowledge and expertise. And I especially focus on strategies for your website and your online content so you can actually implement and improve what you do and get better results out of your efforts online. Now, like I’ve said, Mike McCallowitz actually wrote a book called Clockwork, and he came up with the acronym ACDC to represent the 4 key systems that he’s basically noted as, the things that you need to have in place. And the acronym represents a is for a track c is for conversion, d is for delivery, and c is for collection. Now, you can collect before or after.

Speaker A [00:02:45]:

It doesn’t really matter, but he just put it in that order Like I said, I’ve come up with 5 systems. So I’ve actually got a 5th system, but essentially, it’s wrapped around the same things because I what I’ve done is broken out one thing into 2 because it just makes more sense to do it like that. so let’s jump in and, I’m gonna go through my 5, and then I’ll talk about each one. So the first essential system for me is the traffic system. The second one is your lead generation The third one is going to be your sales, the 4th one is your delivery, and the 5th one is going to be your follow-up system. Now the follow-up system is sort of like a wild card because it doesn’t sort of like sit in isolation. It actually is intertwined. It’s intertwined with all the other systems because follow-up needs to happen throughout the entire customer journey.

Speaker A [00:03:37]:

So it’s something that is critical, but it’s not in isolation. It doesn’t happen on its own any particular stage. It’s always there. So that’s something to bear in mind. So let me just jump into each one and explain a little bit further so you can understand what that would potentially entail and see if you have things in place already, which you should if you’re running a business. and, what you can actually, do. You can start thinking about what you can do to improve your processes. Now A lot of these systems can be carried out manually.

Speaker A [00:04:09]:

You can carry out whatever the processes are within that system. by having humans do it. Right? But the way to dial things in is to actually use technology, use tools, or a combination of tools and people to actually, execute on these as well. So, in a future episode, I might jump into each individual system and talk about my processes or processes that I recommend as well as the tools that I use and recommend as well. And maybe you could do some tutorials on these. so let me know if you wanna see that. You can leave a comment inside a YouTube video or drop me a line over on my website. So the first system traffic, this is to do with how you bring eyeballs to what you do, how you get people to be aware of What you’re doing, if no one knows about your business, they can’t do business with you.

Speaker A [00:05:01]:

If they don’t know what solve problem you solve, if you live under a rock or in a cave, obviously, you’re not going to have new people coming in and finding you, and you’re probably not going to get sales as a result. So with traffic, whatever activity, whatever activities you do, it doesn’t really matter. It could be paid or organic. I do organic strategies So I end up doing content like I am now. I’m doing a podcast and I’m doing videos as well as a post to social media, and I’m doing other organic things like trainings that I do for free and stuff like that to actually generate interest in what I do. And that is how I get traffic. So people visiting my website and so on. Now you can obviously pay for traffic by doing paid ads or pay promotions and those sorts things.

Speaker A [00:05:49]:

Like I said, it doesn’t really matter. As long as you have some strategies in place, of course, I recommend that you start with organic strategies first to see what works, and then you can start adding some fuel to the fire to boost whatever you’re doing by doing paid promotions or paid advertising, based on your organic results that you’re getting all ready. The second, system is going to be the lead generation. Obviously, if you’re getting traffic, you wanna convert, some of these into leads. And by converting them into leads, they have to take some kind of positive and, positive action that says, Look, I want to actually learn more from you or hear more from you, or I’m definitely interested in what you have to offer. So they’re giving you permission to communicate with them. by leaving their details with you, typically, you wanna collect an email address on your website and their name at minimum to be able to send out information relating to what they are opting into, whatever they requested from you so that you can actually drive them towards your sales process. Now, of course, the 3rd system is where you take those leads that you’ve generated and put them through your sales.

Speaker A [00:07:02]:

now It depends on how you run your business, but sales processes can differ. And, depending on what you offer and how want to operate. Now if you operate a service, typically what, a typical service provider would do is maybe get the, potential clients on a call and they would walk through the service and explain how it solves a problem, etcetera. And you could just close the, the sale on that call by straightaway taking payment, having them sign up, or it could be a case where you end up going away doing and, a proposal or getting an estimate done and getting that sent off to the lead and they sign off on that and approve it and then become a paying customer. So, of course, you’re going to need to map out what your processes are and figure out what you need in place systems wise to deliver on that. Obviously, if you’re going to, do invoicing, and so on. You need systems for that. You need, like, a platform that you can write proposals, send that off to the client, have them e sign it, that kind of thing.

Speaker A [00:08:06]:

and make sure that the process is efficient. Now, obviously, once you’ve signed or closed the deal, once you’ve closed that sale, it then moves on to the delivery. You have to give, to deliver what you promised. You have to give them what they ask for. Right? So the thing that you need to concentrate here on is to make that as efficient as possible as well and manage expectations. You wanna deliver quickly at the highest possible standard or quality that you can do. so what you wanna do is make sure that you, have timelines in place, communicate, at every stage you’re communicating, obviously, with the follow ups and so on, but you wanna communicate clearly what to expect. If you need things from the client in order to carry out your work, you need to make sure that you’re making that clear from early and giving them the guidance and the facilities to do that.

Speaker A [00:09:01]:

you wanna have systems in place to facilitate all of that. So, make sure that you’re able to, streamline all these processes together. And obviously, like I said, the follow-up system is the one where you at every step is going to communicate because people drop off as they go through the process as they go through these steps. Right? All the people that come in as traffic don’t actually convert into leads only a percentage of them will convert. And a smaller percentage of them will then convert into clients. And then, obviously, From there, you can get repeat business from those clients as well. And not all of them will become repeat clients, but you wanna make sure you deliver at the highest possible standard and quickly as as possible and get a great experience across so that you can get some referrals. They can become evangelists for your business and, bring you more business.

Speaker A [00:09:55]:

So what have you got missing from this, these set of, systems here, or what have you not dialed in. that’s what you need to actually identify in your business and see what you can work on right now. Now I’m gonna be working on content and resources to help you, implement and, set up your strategy, 1st of all, before you then start implementing systems with getting tools in and so on, you need to know what tools to pick, you know, need to know what works well together. So if you need help with this, head over to my website and see how you can work with me or see what resources I have available that you can grab. just head to mylimatfresen.com. And, you’ll be able to reach out to me there by applying for any one of my services or programs or getting access to anyone of my existing digital products. So, that’s all all I’ve got for you in this one. do leave me a comment to let me know what your thoughts are on the video or if you’re listening on the audio only version, reach out to me on the website.

Speaker A [00:10:59]:

In the meantime, if you are seeing any videos on screen, now you can go ahead and continue watching, and I’ll leave links in the description as well to other content that you can continue to learn, or continue from me.

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