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4 Essential Parts To An Effective Website Lead Conversion System

Jul 5, 2023 | Online Strategy, Podcast

Future Steps Creative Podcast – Episode #72:

You can’t afford to have the majority of your website visitors leave without a trace. Most people are not yet ready to take action so you want to give them a reason to reach out to you and become a lead.

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Key topics and bullets

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Topics covered:-

Introduction to lead generation on websites

• Importance of lead generation

• Understanding visitor behaviour on websites

– Explaining the concept of a lead conversion system

• Identifying the steps in the lead conversion process

– Essential parts of an effective website lead conversion system

1. Desirable lead magnet

• Importance of offering irresistible value to visitors

• Types of lead magnets that work

2. Email marketing tool with autoresponder

• Explaining email marketing

• Benefits of having an autoresponder

3. Email follow-up sequence

• Importance of designing a follow-up sequence

• Tips for creating an effective follow-up sequence

4. Building a relationship with potential clients

• Importance of building a rapport with leads

• Tips for establishing a connection with potential clients

– Conclusion

• Recap of the four essential parts

• Importance of having an effective website lead conversion system.

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