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4 Ways To Use Chat GPT To With Your Marketing

Jun 7, 2023 | Online Strategy, Podcast

Let’s face it, Artificial intelligence is all the craze right now.

Just like with any new, revolutionary technology, people are divided about what’s going to happen and whether to accept it. 

It happened with the typewriter, the Internet, online search, and many other technologies.

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There’ll be some who start getting scared and spreading conspiracy theories, and there’ll be those who embrace things and become early adopters.

One thing’s for sure though, things are moving fast and there’s no stopping AI, despite what you may think.

My take is to utilise it in whatever way possible to help us get ahead.

And I want to share with you a few ways that I think it can help you with marketing.

It’s worth noting that AI has been around for a while now in different forms, for example, chatbots or smart speakers.

There are many different tools that have some form of Artificial Intelligence going on but one of the most notable systems right now in 2023, is Chat GPT.

It is basically what I would describe as “intelligent conversational search”. And it has the potential to help you with marketing and soo much more.

However, just bear in mind that getting the most out of any tech still requires humans to be intelligent about instructing it… in other words “rubbish in, rubbish out”.

Title/Headline Writing

The first way that I think ChatGPT can help with marketing is by coming up with headlines or titles.

All you have to do is give it some context around what you are aiming for and it can spit out many different titles for you to refine or choose from.

Video Scripting and Planning

If you do YouTube or other kinds of videos, it can write you a script based on a particular style. You could potentially provide one of your previous videos for it to study and try to mimic how you did it.

At this point, though I don’t think it is good enough to be usable as is, but again you can refine it.

Website Copywriting

ChatGPT can help you write content for your home page, sales pages, blog posts, and more.

Just tell it a bit about your business and your target audience, and what your brand is about and it will give you paragraphs of ideas to put together. 

Email Marketing

An important part of email marketing is the actual emails themselves that go out to your new subscribers when they sign up for your lead magnet and email list. 

The content of these emails needs to be effective at winning over your leads by providing them with the information they need to trust you. You can use ChatGPT to structure your email sequence and write the content itself.

That means less guesswork and more results faster!

Wrapping Up

AI tools like ChatGPT, are just that… TOOLS. Use them to your advantage so that you can be more productive, efficient, or successful.

At the end of the day, we still have to steer the ship and focus on problem-solving and AI can only make things easier.

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