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What Should I Use As My Opt-In Freebie On My Website?

Jul 5, 2021 | Email Marketing, Website Strategy

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You probably already know that growing your email list is one of the most important things you should do online in order to get the best out of your marketing efforts.

After all, your email list is an extremely valuable asset as it is something you own and control, unlike social media audiences which can either have limited organic reach or you may even lose access without warning.

One key aspect to getting email subscribers on your list is by offering a freebie (or lead magnet) in return for an email address. This works as it is an exchange of value. 

The subscriber wants what you have and is willing to share their details with you in order to get it. You also get the ability to follow up with them and provide even more value and offer your product or service as a solution.

What’s a good freebie to offer?

There are many different types of free items that you could offer to your potential email subscriber, including downloadable files, video training, ebooks, or free consulting. 

However, to keep things simple I will share with you one very effective freebie you can offer right now. 

It is a downloadable checklist, and here’s why.

Your subscribers are looking to solve a problem or achieve a particular goal. They are likely feeling frustrated, confused, or overwhelmed and they don’t know where to start. 

What would help them overcome this is to have a clear path laid out for them to overcome the challenges.

A checklist is a very quick and easy way to outline the steps for them and provide clarity. It is easy to consume and provides a quick win for them, and when done properly opens up the opportunity for them to take another step with you.

For you, the checklist is simple to create as you are simply providing a high-level view of how to solve the problem. Without getting into the weeds of everything which can cause overwhelm for your lead.

Creating your downloadable checklist

You can create a checklist as a document that can be easily accessed by anyone. The most common format is to have it as a PDF file, as that is universally accepted and can be opened on most devices. 

You can however use any other format you wish, such as Google or Word doc, spreadsheet file, or even an image file.

Either way, as long as you deliver value by providing a clear set of steps for your subscriber, you are on track to growing an email list of happy subscribers.  

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