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Future Steps Creative is a small business podcast that shares strategies & tips for online business, through the lens of a creative entrepreneur. Topics include mindset, brand development, content marketing and productivity.

Episodes are released weekly on Apple (iTunes), Stitcher (Android) & on YouTube.

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17 – Overcoming Imposter Syndrome

Future Steps Creative PodcastAs content creators we struggle all the time with how we will be perceived by other people. Imposter syndrome is very common and needs special attention to overcome it. Here are 10 ways I think you can get rid of imposter...

013 – What Type of Content Should You Create

Future Steps Creative Podcast This video takes a look at how you can decide what type of content to create and publish for your online marketing. Different strategies may work for one type of business vs the other. You may be an affiliate marketer or sell...

012 – Lead Conversion Funnels Explained

Future Steps Creative Podcast What are lead Funnels or marketing and sales Funnels? I try to answer this for you in this episode of FSC and dig into how I apply this to my existing online business. Pretty much everyone has some sort of funnel in their...

FSC007 – 6 Tips for Better Copywriting

Future Steps Creative Podcast Writing sales copy is a craft that has to be practiced in order to get better at it. Knowing the principles behind it makes it easier to structure your copywriting for effectiveness. You want the reader to take action, but...